Central Kentucky Whitetail Hunts

Central Kentucky produces some of the nicest bucks in the Midwest, especially on properties like ours that practice quality wildlife management.  We scout our deer and place you where we think you have the best chance at getting a good buck.  Of course, we cannot guarantee you a trophy buck, since our hunts are fair chase and you are after free ranging deer.

We have ladder stands, lock-on stands, permanent stands, and blinds.  Where you go will depend on your preference, informed by where we’ve been tracking the better bucks.  Be sure to have your license & permits!

Your best chance at a good buck comes during bow season.  Get that bow, practice, practice, practice, and book yourself a bow hunt now!

Deer Management

Our food plots, mineral licks, deer treats, and sanctuary areas are all designed to help produce bucks you would be proud to display on a mount.  One of our management practices is avoidance of killing less-mature bucks.  Some outfitters have a “shoot anything” mentality.  We don’t, which is why we have a $500 fine for any buck not meeting our 130-inch minimum.  Not sure how to quickly score a deer on your hunt?  Check out this link.

After the Hunt

The adventure doesn’t end when you put your “big buck down.”  After we load your buck, we will take you to a local business that will cape and clean your deer.  Be sure to bring coolers for the meat!  We also have our own award-winning in-house taxidermist–Jan George–on hand to mount your deer if you wish; check her out on Facebook

Butchering and taxidermy are business partners who charge for their services.