We provide plenty of outdoor adventures in the heart of Kentucky.  Whether it’s whitetail hunts, turkey hunts, or kayaking, we have you covered.

With over 1,000 acres of private property in central Kentucky that we own or lease, there are plenty of opportunities to get that big buck or wily gobbler.  All hunts are fair chase with free-ranging wildlife.  While here, you will stay in a rustic cabin with all the amenities: bedrooms, bathrooms with showers, a kitchen, electric heat, and washer/dryer.  Meals are furnished and transportation is provided to and from your stand or blind.

We scout for game, plant multiple food plots, place the blinds/stands, put out minerals and treats, monitor trail cameras, and prepare everything for you to enjoy your hunt.  Yep, we do the work so you can forget the stress.

Why do we do all this?  For us, it’s not about running a “hunting mill.”  Our goal is to provide our customers with a gratifying wildlife adventure.  To help ensure that, we operate a quality wildlife management program.  For more details, check out our guidelines for deer hunts and turkey hunts. 

And if you have some free time between turkey and deer seasons?  Keep enjoying the great outdoors by joining us for a kayak trip down Russell Creek or Green River.  More information on kayaking coming soon!

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